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Summer is here!

Summer has finally reached northern Michigan and I just returned from Zephyr’s morning walk. He rightfully decided that the 82-degree temperature plus humidity was enough and laid down in the shade and called it quits. After reading last month’s blog I was happy to see that the goal I set for myself was met. The new sweater pattern is complete, it is called it Fern. I am in love with Fern from top to bottom! The intricacies in design are trompe-l’oeil (French for deceives the eye) as the pattern looks much more difficult that it really is. The stitch work creates a scalloped effect, sculpting the edges into beautiful lines.

There is a great deal happening in Charlevoix in the summer. The tourists are back in town, festivals are taking shape, everyone is excited to be back outdoors and at the lake. As I balance work and play, I turn the page to start organizing my two-color knitting workshop on Mackinac Island that is coming up on July 26 & 27th. For more information you may contact the Mackinac Arts Council at: I am looking forward to sharing the techniques of what I have gleaned over the years. It is not until I sit down to teach that I realize that my years of trial and error can be helpful to the beginning and intermediate knitter. I am happy to share with those searching for direction.

Being essentially a one-man-band business, it does take a bit longer to accomplish one’s goals. I am now taking the time to refocus and create kits to coincide with the pattern designs and researching new fibers that can be used interchangeably with designs. While attending a local sheep and wool festival a few weeks back I was able to converse with other small business owners and it was encouraging to see so many artisans devoted to handmade crafts such as knitting, spinning, weaving, and plant dying. The world of collaboration in this field is alive.

As the seasons change, I find myself bouncing from inspiration to inspiration. Books on Leonardo da Vinci keep me up at night and somehow manage to insert themselves into my design work, patterns that fall upon me on summer walks as well. It seems saccharine to express the joy I feel having too many thoughts to fill my hours but I do feel great joy. Each day begins with coffee, my pup, and hours full of creating and appreciating that fact that learning is a lifetime adventure. Working with artists, writers, shepherds, no matter the field, sharing thoughts and influences is life rewarding. With open eyes and heart, I hope you find your own personal adventure this summer. Pick up a stitch and see where it leads you!

Gail & Zephyr

June 17, 2022

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