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To purchase materials to knit Belle, please go to the yarn and accessories page:

Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted Weight Yarn, 190 yards per skein

Chest: 45 inches, Main Color, 1,300 yards, 7 skeins

Chest: 48 inches, Main Color, 1,400 yards, 8 skeins

Chest: 50 inches, Main Color, 1,520 yards, 9 skeins

Color B: 40 (50, 60) yards, 1 skein

Color C: 40 (50, 60) yards, 1 skein

Belle Pattern Download

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Belle is a pattern that was designed as an homage to a particular sheep in Vermont named Belle. A classic design with a traditional Swedish Twined Knit cast-on at the bottom edge and cuffs. Once the bottom edge is established, the sweater knits up easily. There is a saddle shoulder that brings the cable pattern from cuff to neckline.


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