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Euroflax Sport Weight Linen – 100-gram skeins – 270 yds


Euroflax is a wet-spun, long line linen yarn made out of flax fiber. It is called “long line” because the plant itself grows more than a yard tall. When it is standing in the field, it is a beautiful sight: bright blue flowers waving in the wind. At harvest time, the flax is cut and laid to dry. The linen fiber is inside the long stems of the flax plant.

The term "wet spun" refers to the process of using heat, humidity and water during the spinning process; the dry spun process produces a rougher, more uneven yarn or twine. To get a consistent quality, the factory will blend several years of crops together.

Euroflax is a true long-line linen, meaning that the flax fibers have not been cut. Many linen yarns are made from tow linen, the shorter or cut flax fibers. The difference shows in the quality and beauty of the fabrics made with Euroflax.

Our factory in Belgium has been in operation for several generations and has perfected the art of producing wet-spun Euroflax. Our Belgium mill has developed a way of splitting the fibers very finely, and they also double-boil the yarn to produce a soft and exceptional quality.

One of the most amazing qualities of Euroflax is its extreme durability. Some people say their garments made with Euroflax are virtually indestructible! Machine wash and dry repeatedly and your handmade items just get softer and nicer.

Euroflax Linen

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  • Wash and dry all samples before measuring gauge. The knitted fabric relaxes after the first time it has been washed and the gauge will change.

    • If Euroflax feels too stiff when knitting, it can be softened by re-winding the ball. The process of handling the yarn will soften it significantly and make knitting easier, it will also allow you to obtain a more even gauge.


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